Nautilus E614 Review

  • Nautilus E614 Review
  • Nautilus E614 Review
  • Nautilus E614 Review
  • Nautilus E614 Review
  • Nautilus E614 Review

Nautilus E614 Elliptical is what you get when you merge technology and cutting edge design. Ever since its entry into the world of fitness, the machine has never taken a break from collecting compliments.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical has what it takes to maximize your cardio and stamina training and also facilitate effective weight loss while leaving minimal impact on the joints. If you crave for a supply of complete body workout, your solution lies with this elliptical machine. But we can only if it’s indeed great or deceiving by taking a closer look at its features.

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Being a mid-tier elliptical machine, Nautilus E614 easily impresses a lot more than many of the ellipticals in its class. It has the best combination of workout programs, resistance levels, and computerized fetaures. Even though it has an identical twin, the Schwinn 430, many people still go for Nautilus E614 due to its aesthetic appeal. For its price, you will have a machine worth the honor and admiration of a commercial grade elliptical. It's in every way a solid buy. So whether you are a new or well-seasoned trainer prowling the streets or internet wondering where to get a solid fitness machine for your fitness needs, look no further than Nautilus E614.

Display console
Value for money
  • Very stable and durable
  • Computerized features
  • Multifunctional monitor
  • Safety [cushioning of the footplates]
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Smooth ride due to perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great Warranties
  • Monitor lacks backlight
  • Manual incline system
  • Limited stride length
  • Mobile handlebars lack pulse sensors
  • Console not telemetered implying you can't use a chest strap
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Product Description

Nautilus E614 is actually one of the few aesthetically pleasing ellipticals you will ever run into. But what impresses most about this machine is its computerized features as you will see in a minute. You will agree that its set of features qualify it as a superior in its class. Have a look.

Resistance and Incline

E614’s resistance system packs an eddy current brake, implying that you can regulate the resistance by tapping the controls on the console. For you to enjoy all its 20 resistance levels, you will have to plug it into a power source. Very important to note is that without connecting it to a power source, you will only be able to use its first level resistance.

Nautilus E614 comes equipped with a manual incline system boasting 6 levels of incline and set at 30 degrees. In as much as this offers diverse options when it comes to work out, it’s sad to note that you will not be able to make any adjustment when working out on this machine. To adjust the incline, you will have to twitch a lever placed at the rear end of the machine’s flywheel.

Also worth noting is the drive system. The machine is driven by a heavy duty belt supported by a perimeter weighted flywheel and a huge pulley.

Another remarkable thing is that you can peddle backwards on this machine.

Console Unit

A landmark feature of this machine is its innovative console unit. Part of its remarkable features include the DualTrack LCD display monitor, 22 workout programs and heart rate monitor. Your workout data is presented in two screens implying that you can still keep track of your work out even with one screen blocked.

Through the machine’s console, you can keep track of:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Pulse rate
  • Resistance level

Other great amenities you will find on the console include:

  • Excellent sound system
  • Tablet shelf
  • 3-speed fan
  • USB port for sharing workout data between the machine and your devices

The console also packs a set of command keys responsible for adjusting the resistance. To bring your workout programs to life, you will also have to make use of a Quick Start key. Rest of the keys are responsible for pausing your workout, goal tracking, and managing your user profile and programs.

Build quality and stability

Steel tubing is the dominant element that was used in constructing Nautilus E614 machine’s frame.  An anti-corrosive paint has been applied on the outside so as to make the metallic parts durable. To maximize the stability, all its three bases were equipped with adjustable levels and plastic caps.

Having been made from heavy duty metallic parts, it clearly follows that the Nautilus E614 is a relatively heavy machine (76kgs). Such weight also adds to its stability.


Comfort on this machine lies in so many places. To start off, the handgrips, both fixed and mobile have been designed to ensure comfort when working out.  For a naturally ergonomic grip, the mobile handgrips have been designed to be longer and a bit sloped towards the frame’s main axis. Other features that have been included on the handlebars to ensure comfort include the pulse sensors, rubber foam material plus plastic caps on the top ends.

Regardless of the size and shape of your feet, the machine’s footplates have been cleverly designed to offer enough room for them.  They are made of hard plastic and have been cushioned well enough so as to reduce the impact to your knees, ankles and lower back.

Users as tall as 6″ can also comfortably use this machine, thanks to its 20″ stride length.

Assembly and Warranty

With this machine, you have approximately 20 parts you need to put together. Sounds crazy, right?  But don’t fret, one hour is enough to set it up and have it ready for workout. Also included is the comprehensive manual plus the tools you need to assist you screw the pieces into place.

When it comes to warranty, here’s the breakdown:

  • Frame – 10-year warranty
  • Mechanical parts- 2-year warranty
  • Electronics- 1-year warranty
  • Labor- 90-day warranty

Nautilus E614 has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. interesting to note is that some users reported to be weighing almost 350lbs admitted to having used the product without experiencing any issues.


Nautilus E614 shares so many similarities with Schwinn 430.  Except for their names and perhaps aesthetics, you can’t tell them from each other. Both share the same workout programs, manual incline range, stride length, flywheel, and even the resistance system. This is exactly what makes them very close rivals especially when it comes to budget fitness machines for home-use.

When it comes to price range, ProForm Endurance 520E comes so close to E614. Whereas ProForm Endurance offers up to 20 degree incline, Nautilus E614 can manage up to 30.  520E also packs fewer resistance levels and workout programs, compared to E614. However, both share a similar maximum user weight capacity and also some of warranties as well.

Looking at the three of them, whereas Nautilus E614 shares a number of features with Schwinn 430, a clear distinction still remains especially when it comes to the core features as seen with ProForm Endurance 520E.

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Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

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