ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

In our wildest dreams as trainers or fitness enthusiast, very few of us could ever imagine of coming across a single fitness machine that packs the best of elliptical training and cycling.  But it wasn’t long before ProForm Hybrid Trainer surprised us all.

Just as its name suggests, this machine is a hybrid of elliptical training and cycling. For its mid-range price, you get two fitness machines at the price of one. To put it simply, this machine offers the best of versatility.

When it comes to performance, the Hybrid Trainer offers commercial-grade experience. Looking at its 2016 model, the few changes that come with it make it an elliptical machine to beat in the mammoth market of ellipticals. But is the trainer all rosy as we would want to believe? Time to find out.

7.8 Total Score

ProForm Hybrid Trainer will definitely offer excellent value for your money. Remember that it's a hybrid trainer with a set of great features like the target pacer, great resistance levels, enough workout programs, name it, all aimed at enhancing your performance. Even though it lacks a few features that would have a made significant difference, like a cooling fan or adjustable incline, much of what it packs can still offer a great workout experience for its price. So does this sound like a machine you would not care much to have in your home gym? Well, head over to Amazon, make your order today and wait to watch yourself reach your fitness goals in no time.

Display console
Value for money
  • Two-in-one design
  • Very affordable price
  • Very easy to use and move
  • Durable steel frame
  • Adjustable console
  • Saves space
  • Natural and smooth workout experience
  • Quiet
  • No 'battery low' warnings
  • Console lacks backlight
  • Bike mode lacks arm bars
  • Limited Warranty
  • No cooling fan
  • Shorter stride length
  • No incline controls
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Product Description

ProForm, another reputable fitness brand of our times added a set of quality features to this machine to ensure that you not only enjoy its versatility but also get the most out of every workout.

Before we delve further into the details, note that switching position from cycling to the elliptical function is as easy as pie- fold the footplates to rest flat against the machine’s frame and you’ll be good to go.

So here’s a look at its features in more detail.

Resistance and Incline

ProForm Hybrid Trainer packs 14 levels of resistance making it an ideal option for all categories of users, from beginners to intermediate users and beyond. You can adjust the resistance as you wish which doubles as a great feature for those looking to newer challenges. To ensure a smooth and natural workout, ProForm equipped this machine with a Silent Magnetic Resistance.

Unfortunately, the machine lacks an incline ability although this is compensated for by the fact that you can train while either sitting or standing.

Another important feature in this category is the reversible range of motion. Whether you are cycling or working out on the elliptical part, you can run alternate between forward and backward running motions.

Console Unit

Other than its hybrid design, we all know that a console unit also carries just as much weight in deciding whether an elliptical trainer is worth your hard-earned dollars. For this machine, expect an LCD display monitor and a total of 14 workout programs. Unlike many other consoles, to power this machine’s console, you only need a battery.

One landmark feature is the target pacer. With it, you will be able to easily customize your workout. It features an alert in form of a lighting that flashes to alert you when your pace slows down or goes up. Overall, it’s the perfect feature for assisting a trainer to keep track of their goals.

You can keep track of a number of things on this machine including:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Pulse

Other amenities included on the console include:

  • iFit Bluetooth Connection
  • Water bottle holder
  • EKG heart rate monitor

Another great thing about this console is that you can adjust it to your convenience.  Remember that with this elliptical you can either sit or stand, depending on which part of its hybrid parts you are using. So adjusting the console makes it easy to keep track of your workout data.

Build quality

Knowing that the trainer would feature two exercise machines in a single construction, ProForm designed this machine’s frame to be incredibly strong. However, a few users mentioned that the display is so fragile and breaks few months after purchase.

At 145 lbs, expect stability for this machine to be great. Its latest model packs a slightly heavier flywheel that also adds to the stability. If assembled properly, expect maximum stability.


With the machine’s solid, inertia enhanced flywheel together with the 15′ stride length, you will find it very easy achieving your fitness goals right from losing weight, burning calories or even adding definition to lower areas of your body.

Its chair-like seat not only adds comfort to the workout but also helps you target your calves, hamstrings, and glutes in a pretty comfortable.

To also ensure comfort, traction, and joint support, the machine packs cushioned footplates that are not only adjustable but also large.

Assembly and Warranty

Unlike the other ellipticals in its class, putting this machine together isn’t difficult at all. If you follow the instruction manual well, it should take you an average of 45 minutes to have it ready. Assembling it has been made easy with the use of pictures in the instructional manual.

Here’s a breakdown of the warranty

  • Frame- 5-year warranty
  • Mechanical parts-90-day warranty
  • Labor- 90-day warranty


Other top performers in this category include the Schwinn A40 and Body Champ BRM3671.

Schwinn A40 and ProForm Hybrid Trainer have the slightest price difference. Looking at the features, it’s a game of compensation. Even though Schwinn A40 only has 7 workout programs and 8 resistance levels (ProForm has 14 resistance levels and workouts), Schwinn A40 compensates for this with the presence of a cooling fan and lifetime warranty on the frame, which the ProForm Hybrid Trainer lacks.

Despite the fact that Body Champ BRM 3671 is priced a bit lower than the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, it’s interesting to note that both machines pack a hybrid design- cycling and elliptical training.  Whereas the hybrid trainer has 14 levels of resistance, the Body Champ packs an automatic resistance system. No significant difference can be spotted when it comes to workout programs.

Overall, these three don’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon from going for each other’s throat.

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer

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