Sole Fitness E95 Review

  • Sole Fitness E95 Review
  • Sole Fitness E95 Review
  • Sole Fitness E95 Review

In its class, the Sole E95 elliptical machine tops the rest. To complement its high price, it packs a set of top quality features perfect for professional training as well as light training.

Top on the list is the heavy flywheel offering remarkable stability and a comfortable momentum.  And in order to ensure an effective and smooth workout, the Sole E95 was presented with an extended stride length, a huge display screen and a remarkably silent drive system.

With its huge list of innovative features, this machine offers pretty much everything any user would need for an incredible workout experience. But as you probably know, nearly each elliptical machine also packs its own set of weaknesses. So is Sole E95 an exception? Let’s find out.

8.6 Total Score

As you can clearly see, the Sole E95 is a near perfect elliptical. For an elliptical in its price range, this machine gives more than you could ever ask for. You will realize its little flaws are nothing significant implying that you are guaranteed a smooth and effective workout experience all your life if you ever decide to purchase this elliptical. With its huge list of top quality features, sole E95 is without a doubt any trainer's favorite fitness machine. Don't we all like it when we spend our money on a product that leaves us with so much value? If that sounds like your wish, then head over to Amazon and get this wonderful product called Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer.

Display console
Value for money
  • Remarkable resistance [for users of all types]
  • High adjustability
  • Smooth running motion
  • Very quiet to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Diverse heart rate monitoring
  • Great customer care support
  • Less powerful speakers
  • Few workout programs
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Product Description

Quality and design are top elements that many trainers look out for in an elliptical machine and having known this. With this machine, Sole offers an excellent balance of the two. If you are looking to comfort and consistency in shaving off your nagging weight, you will find greater pleasure in the Sole E95 fitness machine. So here’s a deeper look at its details.

Resistance and Incline

Resistance for this machine comes from an electromagnetic brake system. That means that for it to be operational, you must plug it into a power source.  The machine offers a total of 15 levels of resistance all of them adjustable either from the console unit or machine’s arms.

A key area of interest is the drive system which features a heavy flywheel made from aluminum and weighing 15.4kg. Even though this affects the weight of the machine, it’s also worth noting that the machine’s great resistance, stability and smooth workout are all a result of the heavy flywheel.

Another important feature of Sole E95 is the automatic incline mechanism which allows up to a 20 degree incline. You can adjust the incline either by use of mobile arms or the console unit. On top of having diverse training options, your muscles will benefit a lot when you adjust the incline.

Console Unit

Being a high-end elliptical machine, you would expect to find a console unit that compliments its class but that’s not the case with the Sole E95. At its best, the console unit just offers enough to keep your workout steady and effective but unfortunately it leaves a lot to be desired.

The console packs 10 workout programs, a 9″ LCD display, and backlight to facilitate reliable lighting. With its console, you can keep track of:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Laps completed
  • Pulse rate
  • Revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Resistance level

Other amenities that have been included on the console include:

  • Incline and tension adjustment keys
  • Separate keys for the programs
  • Two audio speakers
  • A cooling fan
  • Tablet holder
  • Bottle holder

Also worth to note is that the machine’s console is compatible with a couple of devices including tablets, smartphones and MP3 players. Not forgetting to mention that the console is telemetered and comes with a chest strap to record your pulse rate.

Build quality

When it comes to the quality of its frame, the Sole E95 features a 2-piece solid steel frame that has an average weight of 97.5 kg. One key element of stability is weight and with this kind of weight, this machine stands out as one of the most stable. Adding its three bases that are all fitted with levelers will leave you with maximum stability.

Another feature that adds to the stability is the double heavy rails supported by 4 polyurethane rear wheels that reduce side to side movement therefore boosting the stability.


Comfort for this machine has been taken care of in multiple ways. As we mentioned earlier, its automatic adjustable incline enables for continued workout eliminating the need to stop your workout in order to adjust the incline. Better still, some of the intelligent workout programs can automatically adjust the incline matching it to the resistance levels.

Any user will also find the machine’s handle so adjustable due to their multi-grip design. The machine’s arms have also been curled so as to enable taller users to work out on the machine without hurting their knees. Other features you will find on the grips that add comfort include the rubber foam, pulse sensors and digits for adjusting the incline and resistance.

Knowing that the stride length is often a huge challenge to taller users, creators of this machine designed it to be adjusted up to 22″. The pedals are also wide and long enough to suit feet of all sizes and shapes. You can as well adjust them between 3 levels so as to eliminate tore numbness.

Assembly and Warranty

Putting this machine together is not exactly easy due to its sophisticated nature. It might take you up to 2 hours. And due to it being relatively heavy, you might also need the help of another person in screwing some parts into place. To help you do it well, a comprehensive manual has been included.

One thing that will make you want the Sole E95 so bad is the lifetime warranty they gave to its frame. Parts were given a 5-year warranty while labor has a 2-year warranty.

Maximum user weight capacity for Sole E95 is set at 400lbs.


The best elliptical machines are those that pack a huge list of innovative and quality features. In addition to that, they carry admirable warranties and a set of clever workout programs. Well, that could be said of the Sole E95. But is the machine alone in sharing this pride?

The Sole E35, a sister model to the Sole E95, is one of its greatest rival.  Both of them share the same warranties and a number of workout options including the resistance and incline. Much of the difference only shows up on the weight, display, price and flywheel. But at its lower price, Sole E35 has continued to offer great competition to its larger sister.

Another model that has continues to offer Sole E95 sleepless nights is the Precor 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer. It’s an award winning model that packs a set of quality features some greater than Sole E95’s. It has a longer stride length of up to 36″, open stride technology and a dual action; all of them incredible features that give it an edge over Sole E95. It comes at a price higher than that of Sole E95.

Even though all of them are competing for the same sport, it’s great to note that all of them remain best-selling ellipticals in their own right.

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Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

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